There are a lot of questions that come when discussing designer shoes.
Are designer shoes comfortable?
Does designer shoes worth the price?
Which designer shoe vendor is the best?
Where is best to buy designer shoes?
And the most important one is, how you can buy designer shoes at affordable prices?

Those questions come to every shopper mind, every lady or gentleman that is interested in buying a new pair of designer shoes come across those questions, and we want to make your shopping easier, so we made a wide search, and now we are ready to share with you the results.

There are no doubts about the beauty, and style of luxury designer shoes. But there are some myths that you probably heard, we are going to discuss those myths in this article.


Are Designer Shoes Comfortable?

As we mentioned before there are no doubts about beauty and style, but what about comfort?
Designer shoes among all known for their spectacular design & uncompromised style, and the high-quality materials that designer use for making those shoes, doesn't really tell much about the comfort. Basically, there are no big differences between the designer shoes to other shoes when it comes to comfort, the differences are mostly between the kind of shoes, for example, if you are a woman high heels are by far less comfortable than wearing a sneaker, and also for the men here, wearing loafers, or elegant shoes can't match to sneakers when it comes to comfort.
So when it comes to the comfort we are sorry to tell you but, comfort and beauty mostly do not come together, and most of the time if you want to look pretty you will be needed to give up on comfort.


Does Designer Shoes Worth The Price?

Designer shoes are always been and always will remain available only to the higher class. Using only high-quality materials, unique and outstanding design are worth a lot. If you want to stand out and wear unique shoes, join a small percentage of people, luxury designer shoes are a perfect way to do it.
Be a small percentage of people who wear designer luxury shoes is more than just a saying, wearing designer shoes is a statement, it does not have a difference if you are a man or a woman, wearing a pair of designer shoes saying that you do not compromise about your look, and you have a passion for style ad fashion. So for the question "does designer shoes worth the price", we say yes!
Buying designer shoes for men or women gonna cost more than "normal" shoes, but it does not mean that it won't be affordable, we will expand and discuss it later on.


Which designer shoe vendor is the best?

Everyone has his favorite designer vendor, and some others like to diversify, and a few don't even can tell the difference between them. Choosing to wear from a designer collection has a lot of weight, it can tell a lot about who you are, what do you convey to others.
Some people are Versace guys and other worship to Dolce & Gabbana, and some are in love with more boutique brands such as the French designer Philipe models. Usually, it depends on the individual taste, but sometimes you can get a higher value for your money. Every designer has his own style, lines, and a clear "signature" and feature that belong only to them. Dolce & Gabbana for example, they have a huge reference Italian culture, on the other hand, the Versace design has fewer roots in the Italian culture, and has a more free and intuitive design. The Italian design of Dolce & Gabbana is not necessarily bad, every single collection and year, they bring an outstanding and innovative design that set the standard for the other fashion houses. Dolce & Gabbana in these days is the leading fashion house/brand and is a role model for others. As long as we know Dolce & Gabbana is at the top and even leads the top.
We are highly recommended to wear D&G, the D&G shoes for men and women are now ready for any occasion, and remain the most fashionable, stylish, and innovative.


Where is best to buy designer shoes?

A lot of people wondering where is best to buy a new pair of designer shoes, going to the mall or to the shopping center, and for the online shoppers is much difficult to know. Buying designer shoes for men or women is not that easy and in some way, you can be very hard, and you can be exposed to frauds. There are many websites for designer shoes, not all of them are legit, the price is too high, selling not authentic designer shoes, and some can even not give you anything for your money. There are some rules that if you will follow it can save a lot of trouble, and teach you how to make smart and safe shopping.
The main things that you need to check before are:

Paying method - Before placing an order make sure the paying method is secure, and you paying with a secure method. Paypal is a great example of a secure paying method.

Shipping - When you buy designer shoes, you want to make sure it will ship with proper shipping companies, you want a fast, safe, and with insurance, delivery. FedEx, UPS, and DHL are leading and we highly recommended for you to order only if the website is using those delivery companies to ship your parcel.

Reviews - Make sure the website you interested to order from has good reviews, it can tell a lot about him. Trustpilot is a good and reliable review website because is an external website.

Making a great deal after making sure the designer shoe website has everything we mentioned here only depends on the price you gonna pay, that's what brings us to our next subject which is...


How You Can Buy Designer Shoes At Affordable Prices?

Buying Designer shoes at cheap prices is literally an art, it's a matter of timing, determination, spending a lot of time "googling" looking. There some basic things which can make your searching much easier. The keywords you searching must improve a little more.
The best way to buy designer shoes at cheap prices is by buying from online outlet stores. Outlet stores are not stores that sell unauthentic and not brand new, the opposite is the correct, real outlet stores are selling only 100% authentic and brand new designer shoes for men and women, the goods are not the newest collection but the price differences are worth it. You can save up to 70% OFF!
Another way of saving money is to buy designer shoes on SALE. Finding stores that have a wide collection of designer shoes for men and women on sale can make the difference, put some designer shoes on sale mean that the companies want to sell quickly, and will give you the best prices you can get. Buying designer shoes can be found at huge discounts, many of them offer you a discount coupon and will give even a better price.


Designer shoes at under $300

Some of the designer shoes for women and men are sometimes a little bit cheaper even when they are from the newest collection, and when you buy it from an outlet online stores you get 100% authentic and brand new at less than $300.


Free Worldwide Shipping

Don't fall for some cheap tricks, you can come across some websites that sell designer shoes at a really great price, but at the check out they adding a huge price on the shipping, things like that will usually make your deal a "little" less attractive.
On the other hand, there are some outlet online stores that sell designer shoes for ladies and gentlemen offering you free worldwide shipping for buyers over some amount. Free worldwide shipping can lower your cart price significantly.


If you interested in more advice to make smart shipping take a look at our buying guide article!

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