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Refund & Return Policy

14 days money back


Our policy lasts 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since you received the item/s, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Returning products because of differences from what was ordered or any product defects will be authorized by Balardi within two days of delivery.

 Reason Description Return FeesDays to Return
 Balardi made a mistake Differences from what was ordered / product defects / different size Full refund14 Days after receiving the package
 Balardi didn't make a mistake Customer wants to return from their own reasons Partial refund*14 Days after receiving the package


* customer need to pay the shipping to our warehouse, also the shipping that Balardi paid** to the customer will not be returned, the amount of the shipping will be calculated at the time the customer wants to return.

** when a customer buys an item/s and receives free shipping, they still need to pay for the shipping.

In order to return such items, customers must contact Balardi by this email: support@balardi.com

Such emails should include the date of purchase& order number. The customer must also provide photographic evidence for any defected products.

The cost of return shipment will be borne by the customer and should always be shipped back with an active tracking number. The receiver is always responsible to claim/accept the package and any additional fees for orders being returned for not being claimed or picked up is covered by the customer.

The product, along with its original packaging, as well as any other items received must be sent to Balardi in order to protect it from damage.

Any agreed refunds will be made by PayPal within 2 working days of receipt of goods.

A simple way to return an item/s: Click here

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